‘Psychoacoustic’ Contemporary Dance

We are so happy to be welcoming Jack Philp Dance to Camberley Theatre on Sunday June 11th.

‘Psychoacoustic’ explores body and brain responses to sound, movement and the environments around us through the collaborative force of science, music and dance. Working in tandem with a team of neuroscientists from the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit at City University; we are interested to create changing environments to test the limits of theatre as an emotional tool. With the inception of Jack Philp Company in 2014, we have continually aimed to collaboratively merge and learn from different mediums, ‘Psychoacoustic’ is science doing dance and dance doing science. Something physical, something tested and something seen and heard.

This will be taking place in the large studio at Camberley Theatre. Tickets available here.


D.I.Y. Fanzines

Allan reading PUSH 6

We are thrilled to include our very own Joe England to talk about his role is the D.I.Y. fanzine scene as part of our day and night of free entertainment on June 10th. Joe will be reading and talking about his life in fanzines as part of our new literature section at The Bear on Park Street between 12:30 and 1pm.

Here’s what Joe has to say:

I was brought up in Chelmsford, Essex, but have lived in Camberley for most of my life. In March 2013, I launched a literary fanzine called PUSH. It ran for 23 issues until October 2016. It featured previously unpublished working class writers and poets. 

 PUSH was firmly rooted in the street selling culture of football fanzines. And I sold it at football as I knew the scene well; West Ham had a glorious wealth of fanzines in the late 80s. Not all good, but even the bad ones had their moments. And so I sold my literary fanzine at football, even though not a football mag. And got lucky. I previously wrote for a few West Ham fanzines and once had a column in one for over three seasons, so I must have had something about me. And the fanzine’s immediate rise was definitely helped with some early promo support from Julian Dicks. 


 And then I added interviews as each issue evolved. I ended up interviewing many artists who I admired; Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited), John King (The Football Factory), Linton Kwesi Johnson (Forces of Victory), Youth (Killing Joke), Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting), Matt Johnson (The The), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) etc.The whole ethos of the mag was a punk DIY. 

PUSH 2 gary

 I then went on to put out my own West Ham fanzine during the last season at Upton Park, called 5MANAGERS. That mag and two anthologies of PUSH have now been published in book form by East London Press. 

5M New

 Anything is possible if you go out there and give it a go. The trick is not over thinking about what you are doing. I have appeared many times in features in various press, on the BBC Arts Show (twice) and all from a fanzine created in a back room on an old school computer. My latest fanzine, C-O-N, has just hit the streets. Another journey begins. 

Joe has had features  in The Quietus and The Londonist if you would like some further reading. We can’t wait to hear him in person on June 10th!

The Bear

Thanks so much!

To everyone who came to the #CIFLive party last night! We all had an awesome night. The music was amazing – Joe Waller, Martha Paton and Jack Francis were all wonderful and an exciting sight of just some of the music that will be across the pubs and venues as part of the  Camberley International Festival in June.

Here’s Joe Waller and his band.

CIF 29.03.2017-12

Martha Paton – who despite having a sore throat sang brilliantly!

CIF 29.03.2017-59

Jack Francis.

CIF 29.03.2017-20

The Mayor, Cllr John Winterton was on hand to present our Youth Marketing Academy – students from the lower 6th of Collingwood School in Camberley, with their certificates. They helped promote the party using skills in modern marketing they learned via the course set up by Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Thanks to Laura Woodrow for the photos.

CIF 29.03.2017-11

Calling All Performers!

Get in touch to be part of #CIF17!

CIF logo colour

Are you a poet? A comedian? A musician? An artist? An actor? A dancer?



Would you like to perform as part of #CIF17?


Drop us a line and we’ll see if we can find you a space – it might be a shop, a café, a pub or even the theatre!



We will then help you promote your performance as part of  #CIF17.


#CIFLive Party March 29th

Not long now! We are thoroughly looking forward to hosting another of our very special #CIFLive parties at the Camberley Theatre next week.

Martha Paton, Jack Francis and Joe Waller will all be performing live. (Scroll down a couple of posts and you’ll be able to enjoy videos from each of them.)

Plus there will be free arrival glasses of Prosecco and nibbles through the evening.

Just e mail Jo.Bartlett@surreyheath.gov.uk for guest list places.


If you can’t make it, all three performances will be streamed live via the Camberley International Facebook page.


First 2017 Line Up Details!

It gives us very great pleasure to share this film with you, highlighting some of the great events taking place in Camberley from 7th – 17th June this summer!

If you buy tickets to two or more events taking place at Camberley Theatre you get a special C.I.F. discount of £5 per ticket!

Oysterband 8 June copyAll Star Stand Up 16 June copyGraeme of Thrones 13 June copyPsychoacoustic


We’ve also got lots of amazing free events taking place from June 7th – 17th. Check out this flier for the BlackWaters / Annabel Allum / Sophie and the Giants / King Knit gig taking place at the Central Bar on Friday June 9th – it promises to be a wild night!


#CIFLive party March 29th details!

The next #CIFLive party is going to be awesome! You heard it here first…. 🙂

On March 29th from 7 – 9pm, taking place in the large studio at Camberley Theatre.

The fabulous Joe Waller, from Aldershot will be headlining, performing with his band.

When we say fabulous, we mean it – check this out….

Martha Paton, originally from Fleet and recently moved to London will also be playing – her voice is wonderful! (and she plays a gorgeous Gretsch guitar)

and if that wasn’t enough, Jack Francis from Southampton will be starting things off – the talent of this man is crazy!

And, ‘what?’ we hear you cry – ‘all this is free plus we get a glass of Prosecco?’ ‘Shut the front door!’

We know. It’s crazy, stupid, fabulous.

Just e mail , Jo.Bartlett@surreyheath.gov.uk for a guest list place.

Don’t forget, if you can’t make it, we’ll be streaming the whole thing via the Facebook page and all of these performers will be playing at the Camberley International Festival across Camberley between June 7th and 17th.

We will be announcing lots of exciting artists and events for this year’s festival, on March 9th!

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