Saturday? What a day.

So much happened on Saturday – where to start?

At the beginning seems logical, so here goes.

We were treated to two very special acoustic sets from Sophie (minus her Giants) and Sun Circus at lunch time in the café / bar at Camberley Theatre.


Then the fantastic spoken word / poetry skills of Steve Larkin and Paula Varjack blew us away, still in the theatre café.

Steve organises Hammer and Tongue poetry slams, and hosted the first ever Camberley slam on Saturday.

After the poetry – over to The Surrey Arms for the first of the bands playing across Camberley….two bands in fact, playing groovy psychedelic rock, first up, The Electric Woods.

The Electric Woods

Followed by The Vinyl Staircase…featuring twin brothers on guitar and drums.

The Vinyl Staircase

Over the road, through The Mall, out the other side and into the Carpenters Arms, where Sophie had gathered her Giants for an electric version of the songs we heard earlier on via her acoustic guitar at the theatre.

Sophie and the Giants 2

Meanwhile…..outside Glo Hair Salon on Park Street, there was a live #GloUnplugged broadcast by singer / songwriter, Emma Jane Kennedy. This was streamed live via their Facebook page.


Phew. Ok…..finally over to The Bear for the last two bands of the day / night.

First up wonderful three piece, The Luxe. Another band featuring brothers on guitar and drums – albeit with shorter hair this time!

The Luxe

Finally, topping and tailing this great day of wonderful local, live music…our friends Sun Circus – this time with their electric guitars. Talking of which, I don’t think so many Telecasters have been seen and heard in Camberley in one day before!

Sun Circus 2

Special thanks for making all of this happen, goes out to Lee Dawson from Camberley Theatre who not only set up and took down all the PA equipment at each gig, but also did a magnificent job doing the sound all day and night. Sterling work Lee! A mention also to The Vinyl Staircase (and the twin’s Mum) who had already packed their gear away when they got an emergency call from the CIF team asking if they could come back and lend their drums to Sophie and the Giants – thanks guys! Finally, Sun Circus whose bass player was at a wedding in Slough. The guitarist from the band drove to Slough, picked up Mr bass man to play the gig at The Bear and then dropped him back at the wedding afterwards! Thanks fellas! One last thank you goes to Jenna Grant and her help in sourcing so many great bands. 🙂

Thanks so much all of you – and of course everyone who took part. Musicians, poets and audience members. You are all very cool indeed! X

We have some live footage we will be posting soon…watch this space.

The Vienna Festival Ballet also took place on Saturday night at Camberley Theatre….check this website out tomorrow for a run down of that.



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