Thanks so much!

To everyone who came to the #CIFLive party last night! We all had an awesome night. The music was amazing – Joe Waller, Martha Paton and Jack Francis were all wonderful and an exciting sight of just some of the music that will be across the pubs and venues as part of the  Camberley International Festival in June.

Here’s Joe Waller and his band.

CIF 29.03.2017-12

Martha Paton – who despite having a sore throat sang brilliantly!

CIF 29.03.2017-59

Jack Francis.

CIF 29.03.2017-20

The Mayor, Cllr John Winterton was on hand to present our Youth Marketing Academy – students from the lower 6th of Collingwood School in Camberley, with their certificates. They helped promote the party using skills in modern marketing they learned via the course set up by Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Thanks to Laura Woodrow for the photos.

CIF 29.03.2017-11

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