Rooftop Films

We are very excited to announce our friends at Collectively Camberley have organised a perfect selection of films for the Rooftop Film section of the festival! #LoveCamberley For tickets and details just click on this link!

‘Psychoacoustic’ Contemporary Dance

We are so happy to be welcoming Jack Philp Dance to Camberley Theatre on Sunday June 11th. ‘Psychoacoustic’ explores body and brain responses to sound, movement and the environments around us through the collaborative force of science, music and dance. Working in tandem with a team of neuroscientists from the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit at City…

Oysterband date change

Hey everyone, Due to the general election (Camberley Theatre is the count venue for Surrey Heath) we have had to change the date of the Oysterband gig – it is now June 11th. Obviously tickets for June 8th will still be valid on the 11th. Tickets for June 11th are now available.

D.I.Y. Fanzines

We are thrilled to include our very own Joe England to talk about his role is the D.I.Y. fanzine scene as part of our day and night of free entertainment on June 10th. Joe will be reading and talking about his life in fanzines as part of our new literature section at The Bear on Park…