‘Z Cars’ Party – photos and review.

What a lovely way to start #CIF17.

On Wednesday June 7 guests gathered at the Camberley Theatre for the opening night of this year’s Camberley International Festival.  They were treated to a wonderful selection of songs from Dean Dyson in the bar (whist drinking the complimentary drinks obviously!).

292A1889ad Z CARS event entertainer

Guests then moved on through to the main auditorium where venue manager Andy Edmeads welcomed them and introduced Ian Cullen (below).

292A1940ad Z CARS event Ian Cullen

Ian, who starred in the iconic BBC series from 1969-1975 as DC Joe Skinner, co-hosted this party and gave a introduction speech detailing the history of ‘Z Cars’. Once he had finished, everyone settled down to enjoy ‘Pieces’, and episode from 1973.

After the screening, various cast and crew were invited to the stage and the audience were treated to some wonderful memories and anecdotes about working on such classic BBC series as ‘Dr Who’ and of course, ‘Z Cars’.

Here are Bernard Holley (PC Newcombe 1967–71), Margot Hayhoe (production assistant on ‘Z Cars’ ) and Tim Combe, (director on Z Cars from 1968 to 1973).

292A1986ad Z CARS event Bernard Holley - Margot Hayhoe - Tim Combe

Ian Cullen and Bernard Holley, old friends, reunited!



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