Carnival Photos!

What a magnificent way to say farewell to the 2017 Camberley International Festival.

The crowds who were involved in the procession started to gather at Surrey Heath House on the Knoll Road late morning. The dancing and music began while everyone was still getting ready!

Meanwhile, over at the London Road Rec, the site build had started by 8am and was starting to take shape. The sun was beaming! Stocking the bar was an essential job!

The colourful, dancing, drum-beating, band-marching, joyful, procession left Knoll Road at just after midday and headed off, down the High Street, up past the station and along to the London Road Rec. Crowds of cheering people lined the streets. Heath the Hare waved from the back of a van and the Mayor was driven in a sports car!

Carnival through town

(Thanks to Camberley Net for these photos.)

The Sandhurst Silver Band

Start of procession

The Camberley Nepalese (Gurkha) Society


Heath the Hare

Heath on float

The Mayor

Mayor in car

Local gymnastic clubs and the Camberley Sikh Association performed as they made their way to the London Road Rec in the heat of the day.



Once at the Rec (cries of ‘they’re coming!’ rose as the glorious din was heard long before they were seen), the Carnival continued.


The Sikh dancers kept dancing!

The Camberley Sikh Association (Thanks to John Wade for these pictures)



We were treated to fabulous displays from L&G Gymnastics (and later Liberty Gymnastics)



Fun was had on the retro computers at the Video Carnival marquee.


Faces were painted….


….and a pink elephant was created in the Big Art tent!

pink elephant

Of course, the Camberley Theatre pop-up bar was enjoyed!


Collectively Camberley brought along some classic cars (and cup cakes!)


As the day wound-down, the crowds stayed and enjoyed the displays….

London Rd Rec.JPG

……or sat in the shade and listened to the Farnborough Concert Band of the Royal British Legion. 


So, farewell Camberley International Festival, farewell Camberley Carnival – see you next year! Huge thanks to all who performed, worked, helped, participated, attended, danced, laughed and enjoyed.

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