Long Listed Films and Animations Announced.

As we arrive blinking into the sunlight, we are delighted to announce the various Longlisted entries.

These films and animations are now with the judging panel, who will deliver the Shortlist at the start of next week. They have a very hard task ahead of them – these Longlisted films are all wonderful!

To see all these films, plus attend the awards ceremony, masterclass, panel discussion – all free – please click here for details.


Tri County (Surrey / Hants / Berks 10 minutes or under)

Andrew Whiteside ‘A Short Film’

 Harry Heath ‘First Man To Fly’

Ross Stringer ‘Mind In Motion’

Luke Whatley – Bigg ‘Iceland – An Iconic Island”

Lauren Sandercock ‘Match’

Graciela Mae ‘Doctor’s Note’

Matthew Whitmore ‘John’

Joseph Hargreaves ‘Hollow Fields’

Catherine Kennedy ‘What Remains’

Jordan Brunton ‘Disconnected’

Gary Wronecki ‘Pull Out The Stopper’

Mikel Iriarte ‘Mausoleum’

Geoff Harmer ‘Selfie’

James Averiss ‘The Daydreamer’

A.J. Spinks ‘Spaceman’

Lily Sullivan ‘Magpie’

Timothy Marsh ‘The Last Napkin’

Charlottoe Cunningham ‘The Unexpected Love’

Daniel Sumner-Myers ‘Bruised’

Mollie Putman-Trimmer ‘Murine’

Abigail Watkin ‘Rugby Is A Womans Sport’

Prapassorn Smith ‘Kids With Guns’





U.K. (outside Tri County 90 seconds or under)

 Richard Miller ‘The Fight’

Donovan Swart ‘Anzel’

Hannah Congdon ‘H S K T’

Krystian Garstkowiak ‘Multiple Problems’

Jiaqi Wang ‘English Intonation’

Emeson Nwolie ‘Skywatcher’

Onysha Lamers ‘In My Shoes’

Gemma Rickers ‘HeartEater’

Gareth Shoulder ‘Bethan’s Bear’




International (90 seconds or under)

Manuel Soro- Futous ‘Shit’

Quinceé Kaya Dill ‘Scissors vs Ponytail’

Matthew Middendorf ‘Home’

Aitor Marín Correcher ‘Sorry’

Jessica Laurent ‘VAF 2018’

Shawn Wickens ‘My Daily Commute’

Natasha Sharpe ‘I Feed Her’

Sajjad Alavi Manesh ‘Hitchcock’s Crow’

Ardalan Farhanchi ‘Kind Children’

Alice Reily de Souza ‘I Hate You SO Much’

Max Shoham ‘Sincerely Anthony’

Enrique Ortega ‘Checkmate’


Good luck everyone!





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