Video Footage!

Here’s our video of the 2019 White Elephant Film Festival – thanks so much to everyone involved and once again, congratulations to the winners and all who entered.



As the next part of the Camberley International Festival, #CIF19 we are now working on the Camberley Comedy Festival! Taking place on Saturday 11 May….more details soon.

The Winners!

The White Elephant Film Festival is part of the year long, Camberley International Festival, taking place at various venues throughout the year. #CIF19

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the White Elephant Film Festival on Thursday 7 March at Camberley Theatre, we had a wonderful evening, including a masterclass, panel discussion and of course, the awards ceremony.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 -1

We started off with Paul Charrise, senior lecturer in animation at Portsmouth University and a specialist in facial animation. He has years of experience of animation within the games and movie industry.

This compelling masterclass, ‘Making a Magical Realist 3d Animated Film: Storyboard to Screen’, was an exploration of the process involved in making an animated 3d film and went down very well to an enthusiastic audience.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 -9

Following Paul’s masterclass we had panel discussion, ‘Avenues In The Industry’ featuring Director / Filmmaker Niall Shukla and fellow panellists, Rory Yeung, Joe Madden, Abhi Nandakumar and Naeem Mahmood. Conversation was lively, with lots of questions coming in from the audience.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 -14

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 -13

Bill’s provided us with delicious fresh finger food throughout the evening.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 -7

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 -2.jpg

Finally, the awards themselves.

Andy Edmeads, the manager of Camberley Theatre was our host for the evening.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 15

Unfortunately our patron, the BAFTA award winning actress, Juliet Aubrey, was unable to attend as she is starring in the Arthur Miller play, ‘The Last Yankee’ at the Octagon in Bolton. She did send us a message from her dressing room, welcoming us and introducing the first award – the International 90 Second Film.

From the shortlist:

Manuel Soro-Futous – ‘Shit’
Aitor Marin Correcher – ‘Sorry’
Jessica Laurent – ‘VAF2018’ WINNER
Sajjad Alavi Manesh – ‘Hitchcock’s Crow’
Enrique Ortega – ‘Checkmate’

The International Winner…’VAF2018′ Jessica Laurent. Here is the winning animation, plus a message from the winners!

Next we had the Best U.K. 90 Second Film (Outside of  the Tri County area of Surrey, Hants and Berks).

From the shortlist:

Richard Miller – ‘The Fight’
Hannah Congdon – ‘HSKT’ WINNER
Jiaqi Wang – ‘English Intonation’
Onysha Lamers – ‘In My Shoes’
Gareth Shoulder – ‘Bethan’s Bear’

Hannah Congdon was unable to join us as she is currently in Berlin. Her parents accepted her award on her behalf though.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 26

Finally, we sat back and watched the ten shortlisted Tri Counties films. These films are all ten minutes or under.

Andrew Whiteside – ‘A Short Film’
Harry Heath – ‘First Man to Fly’
Matthew Whitmore – ‘John’
Joseph Hargreaves – ‘Hallow Fields’
Jordan Bruton – ‘Disconnected’
Mikel Iriate – ‘Mausoleum’
Geoff Harmer – ‘Selfie’
Charlotte Cunningham – ‘The Unexpected Love’
Mollie Putman Trimmer – ‘Murine’
Prapassorn Smith – ‘Kids With Guns’

We had medals for the best entries for the various categories.

First up – Best Animation. This was presented by one of our judges, Dan Weaver, Creative Director at Fudge Animation.

Winner Matthew Whitmore, ‘John’ (scroll down to see the video – Matthew won more than one award!)

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 -32

Another of this year’s judges, Gavin Irvine presented the next award, Best Experimental / Narrative.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 16

Winner Harry Heath ‘First Man To Fly’

Next, the award for Best Documentary was presented by Senior Media Technician & Industry Liaison at Farnborough 6th Form, Will Devereux. Will has been integral to the smooth running of the awards ceremony, he and his team put all the films and intros together for us. Huge thanks to Will and his team.

Winner ‘Matthew Whitmore ‘John’ – this was Matthew’s second win of the night. Scroll down for his film.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 17

Jo Bartlett, the organiser of the White Elephant Film Festival presented the Over 25s Award.

WINNER  Mikel Iriate – ‘Mausoleum

Over 25 Years Award accepted by crew member Chris Fergusson.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 18

Finally, the Over All Winner of the Tri Counties. This award was presented by the Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr Dan Adams.

WINNER – his third of the evening, Matthew Whitmore for his stunning animation / documentary, ‘John‘.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 20

Here is the 2019 Tri Counties Winner – Best Animation, Best Documentary and Best Over All entry.

‘John’ by Matthew Whitmore

After the awards, we grabbed a few more photos in the Camberley Theatre bar.

Here with some of this year’s shortlisted entrants, Will Devereux and the Mayor, we have last year’s winners, Callum Jones and Lucy Rebbeck.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 21White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 22

Dan Weaver, Matthew Whitmore, Gavin Irvine and Jo Bartlett.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 23

Gavin and Jo are joined by Chris Fergusson ‘Mausoleum’

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 24

Tom Campbell, writer / producer of one of last year’s shortlisted films ‘And Nothing Hurt‘ (and sounding board for various ideas for this first White Elephant Film Festival) with Jo Bartlett and Will Devereux.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 25

Tom, Jo and Gavin are joined by Niall Shukla, award-winning writer and director. Niall organised the panel discussion with young industry insiders earlier on in the evening and has been very helpful with suggestions for the festival.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 28

The winner of the Tri Counties, Best Animation, Best Documentary and Over all Tri Counties entry, Matthew Whitmore and partner.

White Elephant Film Festival 7th Mar '19 29

And that was that! Congratulations to all our winners, thanks so much to everyone who entered films and attended on the evening.

We would like to give a huge thank you to our judging panel of BAFTA Award winning actor, Juliet Aubrey, Creative director of Fudge Animation Dan Weaver and multi award winning writer and director, Gavin Irvine. We did have a couple of tie break situations and thanks  goes to last year’s winners Callum Jones and Lucy Rebbeck for choosing the winners when that happened.

Thanks to Paul Charisse for his animation masterclass earlier on this evening and to Niall Shukla for organising the panel discussion – thanks also to the panelists Rory Yeung, Joe Madden, Abhi Nandakumar and Naeem Mahmood.

Thanks very much to Bill’s for providing all the delicious food.

We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Will Devereux and the tech team at Farnborough  6th Form for putting all the films together  for us and helping to ensure a smooth running of everything during the award films playback.

Thanks to Laura Woodrow for all the photos.

Shortlisted Entries Announced!

This is now getting very  exciting! The judges have watched the Longlisted films and have now given us their Shortlists.

Many thanks to Gavin Irvine, Juliet Aubrey and Dan Weaver for all their hard work.

All of these shortlisted films will be shown in the main auditorium at Camberley Theatre on Thursday 7 March from 8 – 10pm. The winners will be announced and presented with their awards. Unfortunately Juliet Aubrey is no longer able to make the event as she is starring in the Arthur Miller play ‘The Last Yankee’ at the Bolton Octagon where the run has been extended. She generously gave her time to help her fellow judges and said she was ‘blown away’ by the standard of film making on offer.

In her place, to present the award for the Over All Tri County Winner, we are honoured to welcome, the Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr Dan Adams.

Also presenting prizes on Thursday evening, will be the founder of the New Forrest Film Festival, Gary Wronecki, plus White Elephant judges Co founder and Creative Director of Fudge Animation Dan Weaver, and multi award winning writer, director, Gavin Irvine.

There are still a few spaces available if you would like to attend on Thursday, either for the masterclass, panel discussion or the awards themselves. Bill’s will be providing free finger food between 6 – 8pm and the bar will be open.

More details, including how to register (it’s all free and everyone is very welcome) by clicking here.

So, without further ado, here are the 2019 White Elephant Film Festival Shortlisted films and animations.



90 second UK (Outside Tri County area)

Richard Miller – ‘The Fight’
Hannah Congdon – ‘HSKT’
Jiaqi Wang – ‘English Intonation’
Onysha Lamers – ‘In My Shoes’
Gareth Shoulder – ‘Bethan’s Bear’


90 second International Shortlist

Manuel Soro-Futous – ‘Shit’
Aitor Marin Correcher – ‘Sorry’
Jessica Laurent – ‘VAF2018’
Sajjad Alavi Manesh – ‘Hitchcock’s Crow’
Enrique Ortega – ‘Checkmate’


Tri County – Shortlisted 10 minutes or under

Andrew Whiteside – ‘A Short Film’
Harry Heath – ‘First Man to Fly’
Matthew Whitmore – ‘John’
Joseph Hargreaves – ‘Hallow Fields’
Jordan Bruton – ‘Disconnected’
Mikel Iriate – ‘Mausoleum’
Geoff Harmer – ‘Selfie’
Charlotte Cunningham – ‘The Unexpected Love’
Mollie Putman Trimmer – ‘Murine’
Prapassorn Smith – ‘Kids With Guns’


Congratulations to all who have entered and been selected both for the Long and Short lists. The films that made the Longlist, but not the Shortlist will be shown on Thursday in the downstairs small studio. Please take time to see these films as they too are of a very high standard.

See you on Thursday at Camberley Theatre!