In response to the Prime Minister’s statement on 16th March advising the public to avoid unnecessary contact, I’m am afraid we have decided to cancel this year’s Comedy Festival and Carnival.

As you can imagine, we are hugely disappointed to be cancelling these events but the safety of the public, artists and staff is our number one priority. The Box Office will shortly begin contacting Comedy Festival customers to  offer credits or refund.

Thank you very much for your continued support.



CIF 2020 SM EVENTS + LOGOS 820 x 360


As part of Camberley Theatre’s 50th anniversary celebrations, 2016 saw the inaugural Camberley International Festival take place.

Organised by Surrey Heath Borough Council and Camberley Theatre 2020 will see the 5th C.I.F..

For the first three years we had many arts genres taking place across Camberley every June.

We decided to change things a little for #CIF19. Rather than squeeze so much into a few days, we pulled out some of the genres within the festival and placed them at various points through the year. This means we can really focus on these as stand-alone events, as we continue to grow.



The Camberley Comedy Festival takes place on Saturday 30 May, in a large tipi in Camberley Park.


carnival 2020

The Carnival, including a parade through town, followed by an afternoon of brilliant entertainment at the London Road Rec takes place on Saturday 13 June.


Finally, the White Elephant Film Festival will take place on Wednesday 4th November at Camberley Theatre.











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