Tri-County Shortlisted Films!

CIF award logos V3A

We have had an incredibly high standard of films and animations entered into the competition this year; the judges have had a very hard task to pick the short list. However, after much talk and debate, they have indeed selected these wonderful films.

We are delighted to announce the 2018  Tri -County shortlisted films

‘Transplant Twins’ – Penny Eastbury

‘Paper Cut’ – Matthew Ryder

‘Lucy’s Life’ – Lucy Rebbeck and Callum Jones

‘Winter’ – Courtney Knight and Iesa Khan

‘家 (Home)’ – Nozomi Tolworthy

‘Memories of You’ – Molly Gordon

‘The Outward Show’ – Gary Boller

‘Butterfly Effect’ – Paula Martinez de Anguita

‘Zack and the Rainbow’ – Natalie Priest

‘And Nothing Hurts’ – Tom Campbell and Gav Hoare

All of these films will be shown in the main auditorium from 8pm on Thursday 21st June. Our patron, the BAFTA Award winning actress, Juliet Aubrey will be announcing the winners and presenting the trophies and prizes. Please feel free to attend – these are great works, all films are ten minutes or under.

We will also be announcing and showing the Best International and Best U.K. entries.

Thanks very much to our judges, Juliet Aubrey, Jason Glenister, Evie Gordon, Francis Cousins and Robert Doherty.

Very special thanks also goes to Alex Underwood and Rebecca Fox for helping us through the early stages. An extra special thanks to Kelly Kitsiouli without whom we would still be viewing the films! We had over 180 International films, 90 UK films and 50 Tri County films entered into the competition this year.


Hopefully see you on Thursday.

Don’t forget – if you would like to attend the masterclasses and panel discussion, they start at 6pm. Details can be found here.

All of these events are free to attend.

Carnival Photos!

What a magnificent way to say farewell to the 2017 Camberley International Festival.

The crowds who were involved in the procession started to gather at Surrey Heath House on the Knoll Road late morning. The dancing and music began while everyone was still getting ready!

Meanwhile, over at the London Road Rec, the site build had started by 8am and was starting to take shape. The sun was beaming! Stocking the bar was an essential job!

The colourful, dancing, drum-beating, band-marching, joyful, procession left Knoll Road at just after midday and headed off, down the High Street, up past the station and along to the London Road Rec. Crowds of cheering people lined the streets. Heath the Hare waved from the back of a van and the Mayor was driven in a sports car!

Carnival through town

(Thanks to Camberley Net for these photos.)

The Sandhurst Silver Band

Start of procession

The Camberley Nepalese (Gurkha) Society


Heath the Hare

Heath on float

The Mayor

Mayor in car

Local gymnastic clubs and the Camberley Sikh Association performed as they made their way to the London Road Rec in the heat of the day.



Once at the Rec (cries of ‘they’re coming!’ rose as the glorious din was heard long before they were seen), the Carnival continued.


The Sikh dancers kept dancing!

The Camberley Sikh Association (Thanks to John Wade for these pictures)



We were treated to fabulous displays from L&G Gymnastics (and later Liberty Gymnastics)



Fun was had on the retro computers at the Video Carnival marquee.


Faces were painted….


….and a pink elephant was created in the Big Art tent!

pink elephant

Of course, the Camberley Theatre pop-up bar was enjoyed!


Collectively Camberley brought along some classic cars (and cup cakes!)


As the day wound-down, the crowds stayed and enjoyed the displays….

London Rd Rec.JPG

……or sat in the shade and listened to the Farnborough Concert Band of the Royal British Legion. 


So, farewell Camberley International Festival, farewell Camberley Carnival – see you next year! Huge thanks to all who performed, worked, helped, participated, attended, danced, laughed and enjoyed.

Oysterband C.I.F. Interview

We’re really looking forward to seeing the mighty Oysterband when they roll into town on Sunday 11 June. They play Camberley Theatre at 7:30pm and tickets are £20.

Oyster collage square no art web

We caught up with singer and mandolin player John Jones to ask a few questions, ahead of their show.

Given the line-up changes over the years, what do you think is always at the heart of your music?

We have a deep affection for the folk tradition in our country and a radical edge to our songwriting and we love making people dance. Passion and poetry –we hope! 

Do you think there has been a change in your sound with each tweak to the name?

We were a raw ceilidh band at the beginning, very acoustic and it just got louder and more electric with time. Strangely it has moved back in recent years to a more acoustic sound but that combination of cello, violin, guitars and harmonies is still at the heart of what we do.

You’ve played 35 countries – do you have a favourite?

Playing here is still great but Canada, Denmark, Germany and Spain have been very good to us.

This is your first visit to Camberley – what can the audience expect?

It is a very special show for our 40th Celebration and we’ll take the audience through every era of our rather strange musical journey…and we’ll have fun. 

It must feel great to still be winning awards. Have you still got any unfulfilled ambitions though?

Awards from your contemporaries melt the most cynical of hearts. We made so much of our early music before the BBC Folk Awards even existed, so when they finally came our way we felt……ready.

Do you think you’ll record with June Tabor again?

Recording with June is very special and rare but never say never.

Is there a particular way that you write songs?

Lyrics often start with me or Ian, with Alan shaping the song almost by instinct. That fine and difficult balance between one person’s inspiration and its collective realisation between the three of us is where the trouble and the triumph usually lies.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration…. !! The coffee cup, the wine bottle, the English landscape, the state of the country, our rather overworked imaginations. Take your pick.

Who are you listening to at the minute – do you have favourites for the tour bus?

 James.  Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band.  Fats Domino.  (Ask us again next week.)

Thanks John – can’t wait for the show! Here’s their brilliant new song ‘ My Country Too’


‘Psychoacoustic’ Contemporary Dance

We are so happy to be welcoming Jack Philp Dance to Camberley Theatre on Sunday June 11th.

‘Psychoacoustic’ explores body and brain responses to sound, movement and the environments around us through the collaborative force of science, music and dance. Working in tandem with a team of neuroscientists from the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit at City University; we are interested to create changing environments to test the limits of theatre as an emotional tool. With the inception of Jack Philp Company in 2014, we have continually aimed to collaboratively merge and learn from different mediums, ‘Psychoacoustic’ is science doing dance and dance doing science. Something physical, something tested and something seen and heard.

This will be taking place in the large studio at Camberley Theatre. Tickets available here.