Film Competition Longlists Announced!

We may have already mentioned we were blown away by the volume and talent of the film entries for our film and animation competition this year?

We had over 180 International Films, Over 80 UK films and over 50 Tri-County (Surrey / Berks / Hants) films.

Our jury members have been locked away in darkened rooms viewing, taking notes and compiling our long and short lists.

Very special thanks go to Alex Underwood and Rebecca Fox for helping us through this stage. An extra special thanks to Kelly Kitsiouli without whom we would still be viewing the films!

These lists have now been sent to the judging panel, Juliet Aubrey, Robert Doherty, Jason Glenister and last year’s winners Evie Gordon and Francis Cousins.

The Awards ceremony will be taking place at Camberley Theatre on Thursday 21st June at 8pm. It’s free toattend and all are very welcome. The bar will be open all evening and the awards will be presented by BAFTA Award winning actress and C.I.F. patron, Juliet Aubrey.

So without further a do here are the lists:

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Tri- County Longlist:

‘Empowered’  Lea Winchcombe

‘And Nothing Hurt’ Thomas Campbell

‘Transplant Twins’  Penny Eastbury

‘Cats and Rats’  Graciela Mae

‘Paper Cuts’ Matt Ryder

Documentary by Callum Jones and Lucy Rebbeck

‘Blesma Inspirational Stories’ by Thomas Morgan, Duncan Fay, Lara Mepham

‘Winter’ Courtney Knight and Iesa Khan

‘The Outward Show’  Gary Boller

‘The Butterfly Effect’ Paula Martinez de Anguita

‘The Art of Money’ Daniel Czibulka

‘Veggie’ Becky Neville, Yasmin Green, Antonia Hutcheon

‘Coyote Wedding’ Jane Glennie

‘On The Rocks’ Conor Riley

‘家 (Home)’ Nozomi Tolworthy

‘The Closet’ Eric Garson

‘Open’ Kieran Black

Zack and the Rainbow: Making Friends’ Natalie Priest

‘Memories of You’ Molly Gordon

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International Longlist:

‘Lisboa, Saudade, Luz’ Eduardo Correia Pinto

‘Moody Booty’ Kathrin Kuhnert

‘Brechen’ Ara Jo

‘The Grandson’ Jan Van Gorkum

‘The Blue Helmet’ MJ Kaur

‘Stay With Me’  Hektor Hornsleth

‘The Benefits of Sleep Deprivation’ Anish Golecha

‘Gilles’ Wander Thuenis

‘No War’ Abedin Mohammadi

‘Peace Carpet’ Zibz Arzhang

‘Two Angels’ Ramazi Baronov

‘ Living Like Heta’ Bianca Caderas, Isabella Luu and Kerstin Zemp

‘With My Own Two Hands’ Michael Barocas

‘Thirsty Children’ Rizgar Huseein Ahmed

‘See the Shadows Straighten’ Martin Baptiste

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UK Shortlist

‘Birds of A Feather’ Dann Parry

‘BERT’  All4OneStudios

‘Wrestling A Dream’ Luke Walters

‘First Kiss’ Ali Ascham

‘The Death of the Author’  Frederica Pacifico



Live Streaming….Animation and Film Discussion

We are organising several live streams of events during the CIF period, #CIFLive.

Some will be surprise ‘pop up’ events from Camberley between 20 – 23rd June, so keep watching our social media spaces!

Others will be publicised in advance – including the Panel Discussion with industry experts on June 21st at 7pm. This is part of the animation and film evening at Camberley Theatre.

Tune in via our Facebook page from 19:00 GMT on June 21st and ask any of our guests any questions you might have about ‘How To Get Started and What’s Hot Within The Industry Right Now?’

Our panel guests are:

Robert Doherty

Rob Doherty Short Biog 08.02.18.docx

Rob is VP Production for Cake Entertainment and has 25 years experience in the children’s television and animation industry. He has worked in every format of animation and in many countries around the world, as well as on both sides of the production/broadcast divide; working for ITV, Aardman, Disney, M2 Films, Endemol, Initial Productions, TVC Cartoons, Grand Slamm Children’s Films, Kindle Entertainment, Nexus Productions, Larkshead Media and now Cake Entertainment as VP Production.

He also started and runs festivus, an animation social and networking event that has been going for over 12 years, and regularly sits on advisory boards and panels.


Emma Calder


Emma was born in London. She studied Graphic design at The Royal College of Art. She has worked as an Animation Director, Artist, Graphic Designer and Lecturer and has written, designed and illustrated books, for both adults and children. She co-founded Pearly Oyster Productions making many successful and award winning aniumated films, including The Queens Monastery (BBC). She is currently working on her first feature length animation.

Emma lives in London with her partner and two children.


Jason Glenister


Jason has over 25 years experience in all aspects of  film, TV ,writing,  advertising and the creative industries.

He began his career writing & directing music videos and documentaries. From music videos, he moved into writing and directing TV commercials and more recently into digital content creation.

He’s currently Creative Director and founding member of new digital Innovation agency Unicorn XP. He describes this role as helping ‘humanise’ the digital world.

His combination of film, scriptwriting, commercial and digital experience – learnt over 25 years – has naturally led Jason to delivering rich narrative-based content and campaign ideas.


Harriet Titlow


Harriet graduated from Middlesex University BA Animation in 2014 and went on to work as a Character Design Assistant on ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ children’s television series. She now works at Middlesex University as a Graduate Academic Assistant, helping students progress and learn new techniques and assisting lectures in their teaching. She also works on her own personal freelance practice, on music video projects and illustration.




Line up for the masterclasses and panel discussions at the film festival on Thursday 21st June #CIFestval18

We are super proud to announce details of the animation and film industry experts who will be holding masterclasses and taking part in the panel discussions at Camberley Theatre on Thursday 21st June. For exact timings please click here.  Please e mail if you would like to attend.