Last catch up on some of the events!

Sorry it’s taken a while to get the rest of these photos up – ‘normal’ life has kicked in a bit post the C.I.F., but here at last are a few wonderful memories from some of the events not already covered that took place across Camberley from 20 – 23rd June 2018.

On Thursday 21st June along with the Film and Animation Festival which took place at Camberley Theatre, we had local writer Joe England host an evening of discussion at The Cabin on the London Road. Joe shared conversation with fellow author, John King. Each talked in general about their themes and then interviewed one and other.

Here’s Joe asking John questions.

Film Festival, Cabin -9

Then a switch round and John is talking to Joe.

Film Festival, Cabin -33

John is the author of ‘The Football Factory’ and Joe’s debut novel will be available soon through East London Press who have also published his football fanzine anthologies PUSH.

Music on the evening was performed by CIF favourite, Will Whisson. Some of the CIF team went down to The Cabin for a post film festival drink at about 10:30pm and were delighted to see Will up and singing a special set to a very rapturous crowd!

Friday 22nd June

Camberley Theatre played host to a sold out crowd who watched adoringly as The Unthanks performed.  The band walked on stage and said ‘We’ve never played Camberley before. Hello’ and the crowd cheered and laughed with delight. There followed two beautiful sets of glorious Northumbrian folk music.

Comedy, Unthanks -15

Comedy, Unthanks -16

The Unthanks -1

Two very funny comedians played at The Cabin on the Friday night. A packed bar laughed uproariously (and in some cases looked just a little bit bemused) as Mark Simmons and Matt Rees plyed their craft brilliantly!

Here’s Mark…

Comedy, Unthanks -10

Comedy, Unthanks -11

And here’s Matt….

Comedy, Unthanks -2

Comedy, Unthanks -19

After the Carnival on Saturday 23rd June it was back over to Camberley Theatre for two events. Upstairs in the studio there was a script reading event. Woking playwright Liz Lennie had the premier of her new play ‘Tinkler!’ and Frimley’s Brightlight Theatre Company shared their play ‘The Fire Stack’.

liz 3

liz 2

liz 4

While in the theatre’s main auditorium the hilarious and very talented Jon Culshaw kept the audience hugely entertained with his impressions. He actually called a local pizza delivery company in the voice of Surrey Heath MP, Michael Gove!

CIF Jon Culshaw 23rd June-3

CIF Jon Culshaw 23rd June-1

CIF Jon Culshaw 23rd June-4

CIF Jon Culshaw 23rd June-2

Thanks to Laura Woodrow for all these photos – except the script reading ones, thanks to Robin Lennie for those.

We held a few live streaming events over the course of the festival. Thanks to The Peas who performed outside Bill’s on the opening day…


and to poet Steve Larkin who performed in Schmidt’s on Pembroke Broadway and then did a second set up at the Obelisk!


We also filmed a live stream from the kitchen of Wagamama’s (‘here comes the sauce!’)and the film and animation industry experts panel at Camberley Theatre.

Thanks also to everyone who took part in the 2018 CIF. Sorry there are no photos of Gregory Norminton and Murray Rowlands who discussed Gregory’s new book ‘The Devil’s Highway’ and Murray’s new book ‘Hampshire at War 1939 – 45’ at Camberley Theatre on Thursday 21st June. That night also hosted the Echoes poetry group with readings also from Daniel Jeffery. Thanks to Jack Mason who performed at the Carpenters Arms on Friday 22nd. Camera ‘phone shot from the audience!


Thanks to John Peddie who filmed lots of performances – we’ll be sharing his highlights film very soon. Phew! See you in 2019!




Literature line up complete

The Bear pub on Park Street is playing host to a sensational day and night of free entertainment on Saturday June 10th.

This year we are introducing literature to the art forms represented at the CIF.

12:30 Joe England ‘D.I.Y. Fanzines’

Allan reading PUSH 6

Local man, Joe England will be reading from and talking about his role in the fanzine scene. His literary fanzine ‘PUSH’, featuring previously unpublished working class writers and poets, ran for 23 issues until last year. Joe then went on to put out his own West Ham fanzine during the last season at Upton Park, called ‘5MANAGERS’. That magazine and two anthologies of PUSH have now been published in book form by East London Press.

The C.I.F. is incredibly lucky to have John Williams, Cardiff novelist and founder of the Laugharne Weekend in Wales, to curate this new literature section of the festival.  John will be interviewing and hosting Q&A sessions with these fabulous authors:

1pm Daniel Rachel

The Clash

Daniel Rachel’s book ‘Walls Come Tumbling Down’ is an exhaustive account of the Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone and Red Wedge movements. In April it won the Penderyn Music Book Prize.

2pm James Brown


Ex ‘NME’ and ‘Loaded’ journalist talking about his book on Five A Side football ‘Above Head Height’. A must-have for anyone who has ever played and enjoyed amateur football.

‘The Fever Pitch of five-a-side’ – Tony Parsons

3pm Travis Elborough


Travis Elborough is the author of four acclaimed books, and regularly appears on Radio 4. His new book ‘A Walk In The Park’ has been described as ‘A fascinating, informative, revelatory book’ by William Boyd in The Guardian. Parks are such a familiar part of everyday life. You might be forgiven for thinking they have always been there – and that they always will.

Hosted by Ben Hinzman (AKA ‘been jam-min’)

4pm Dave Randall


Dave’s book, ‘Sound System’ is a book of raves, riots and revolution. Dave Randall (guitarist with Faithless, Sinead O’Connor and Dido pictured on stage at Glastonbury above)) looks at examples from Beethoven to Beyoncé and poses the question: how can we make music serve the interests of the many, rather than the few?

D.I.Y. Fanzines

Allan reading PUSH 6

We are thrilled to include our very own Joe England to talk about his role is the D.I.Y. fanzine scene as part of our day and night of free entertainment on June 10th. Joe will be reading and talking about his life in fanzines as part of our new literature section at The Bear on Park Street between 12:30 and 1pm.

Here’s what Joe has to say:

I was brought up in Chelmsford, Essex, but have lived in Camberley for most of my life. In March 2013, I launched a literary fanzine called PUSH. It ran for 23 issues until October 2016. It featured previously unpublished working class writers and poets. 

 PUSH was firmly rooted in the street selling culture of football fanzines. And I sold it at football as I knew the scene well; West Ham had a glorious wealth of fanzines in the late 80s. Not all good, but even the bad ones had their moments. And so I sold my literary fanzine at football, even though not a football mag. And got lucky. I previously wrote for a few West Ham fanzines and once had a column in one for over three seasons, so I must have had something about me. And the fanzine’s immediate rise was definitely helped with some early promo support from Julian Dicks. 


 And then I added interviews as each issue evolved. I ended up interviewing many artists who I admired; Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited), John King (The Football Factory), Linton Kwesi Johnson (Forces of Victory), Youth (Killing Joke), Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting), Matt Johnson (The The), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) etc.The whole ethos of the mag was a punk DIY. 

PUSH 2 gary

 I then went on to put out my own West Ham fanzine during the last season at Upton Park, called 5MANAGERS. That mag and two anthologies of PUSH have now been published in book form by East London Press. 

5M New

 Anything is possible if you go out there and give it a go. The trick is not over thinking about what you are doing. I have appeared many times in features in various press, on the BBC Arts Show (twice) and all from a fanzine created in a back room on an old school computer. My latest fanzine, C-O-N, has just hit the streets. Another journey begins. 

Joe has had features  in The Quietus and The Londonist if you would like some further reading. We can’t wait to hear him in person on June 10th!

The Bear