Animation and Film Awards Winners!

We’re playing catch up a little bit with last week’s C.I.F. events – we’ve been so busy organising we haven’t had time to review – so keep your eyes peeled all this week and enjoy some wonderful memories and updates!

On Thursday 21st June we had the animation and film masterclasses at Camberley Theatre. Industry experts travelled to Camberley from London, Bristol, Wales and Farnham. A massive thanks goes out to Robert Doherty (Cake / Disney / ITV / Aardman), Emma Calder (Pearly Oyster Productions), Jason Glenister (Unicorn XP), film director Gavin Irvine, animator Joseph Wallace, animator Andy Wyatt (ToonBoon), and recently graduated animator Harriet Titlow. These wonderful people hosted hugely entertaining masterclasses and the panel discussion.

Here’s Gavin in action.

Film Festival, Cabin -2

The panel discussion. Industry experts provided answers and advice to the audience questions.

Film Festival, Cabin -27

At 8pm we started the Animation and Short Film Awards ceremony.

Camberley Theatre manager, Andy Edmeads was our host for the evening.

Film Festival, Cabin -4This year our categories were – Best International Entry, Best U.K. Entry and Best Tri-County along with two Tri-County Runner Up awards.

We started the evening off announcing the Best International Entry. This year we had 180 International animations and films. Very special thanks also goes to Alex Underwood and Rebecca Fox for helping us through the early stages. An extra special thanks to Kelly Kitsiouli without whom we would still be viewing the films!

Thanks very much also to our judges, Juliet Aubrey, Jason Glenister, Evie Gordon, Francis Cousins and Robert Doherty.

CIF logo colour 2018

Winner – Best International Entry – ‘Living Like Heta’ Bianca Caderas, Isabella Luu and Kerstin Zemp.

The directors sent us this ‘thank you’ video which we showed on the cinema screen in the main auditorium of the theatre, along with their winning film.

The next category – Best U.K. Entry.

CIF logo colour 2018

Our festival patron, the BAFTA Award winning actress Juliet Aubrey made this presentation.

Winner – Best U.K. Entry – ‘Birds of a Feather’ Dann Parry.

Film Festival, Cabin -32

After these two categories, we all sat back and enjoyed the ten short listed Tri- County Award entries (thanks very much to Will Devereux at Farnborough 6th Form for helping us with the technical side of things here!).

The standard was incredibly high and we know the judges had a tough time deciding.

However, drum roll… we go….

The runner ups (in no particular order) were:

CIF award logos V3A

Runner Up – Tri-Counties

‘Memories of You’ Molly Gordon

Here’s Molly receiving her medal and certificate from Juliet Aubrey.

Film Festival, Cabin -39

Runner Up – Tri Counties

‘家 (Home)’ – Nozomi Tolworthy 雷希望

Nozomi saying a few words

Film Festival, Cabin -42

And finally, the Winner of the Tri-Counties Award!

CIF award logos V3A

Winner – Tri- Counties Award ‘Lucy’s Life’ Callum Jones and Lucy Rebbeck

A very emotional film and a very emotional choice! Lucy and Callum made beautiful speeches. Congratulations to a wonderful film made by two very talented young film makers.

Film Festival, Cabin -44

Film Festival, Cabin -43

Film Festival, Cabin -46

Callum Jones and Lucy Rebbeck; Winners Tri_Counties Award, Camberley International Animation and Film Competition 2018.

Film Festival, Cabin -47

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and attended, the masterclass and panel hosts, the judging panel, the student judges, everyone who entered the competition, the Camberley Theatre staff, our patron Juliet Aubrey and impromptu taxi drivers Kirsty and Danny!

All photos Laura Woodrow (thanks Laura!)

See you all next year!

Film Competition Longlists Announced!

We may have already mentioned we were blown away by the volume and talent of the film entries for our film and animation competition this year?

We had over 180 International Films, Over 80 UK films and over 50 Tri-County (Surrey / Berks / Hants) films.

Our jury members have been locked away in darkened rooms viewing, taking notes and compiling our long and short lists.

Very special thanks go to Alex Underwood and Rebecca Fox for helping us through this stage. An extra special thanks to Kelly Kitsiouli without whom we would still be viewing the films!

These lists have now been sent to the judging panel, Juliet Aubrey, Robert Doherty, Jason Glenister and last year’s winners Evie Gordon and Francis Cousins.

The Awards ceremony will be taking place at Camberley Theatre on Thursday 21st June at 8pm. It’s free toattend and all are very welcome. The bar will be open all evening and the awards will be presented by BAFTA Award winning actress and C.I.F. patron, Juliet Aubrey.

So without further a do here are the lists:

CIF award logos V3A

Tri- County Longlist:

‘Empowered’  Lea Winchcombe

‘And Nothing Hurt’ Thomas Campbell

‘Transplant Twins’  Penny Eastbury

‘Cats and Rats’  Graciela Mae

‘Paper Cuts’ Matt Ryder

Documentary by Callum Jones and Lucy Rebbeck

‘Blesma Inspirational Stories’ by Thomas Morgan, Duncan Fay, Lara Mepham

‘Winter’ Courtney Knight and Iesa Khan

‘The Outward Show’  Gary Boller

‘The Butterfly Effect’ Paula Martinez de Anguita

‘The Art of Money’ Daniel Czibulka

‘Veggie’ Becky Neville, Yasmin Green, Antonia Hutcheon

‘Coyote Wedding’ Jane Glennie

‘On The Rocks’ Conor Riley

‘家 (Home)’ Nozomi Tolworthy

‘The Closet’ Eric Garson

‘Open’ Kieran Black

Zack and the Rainbow: Making Friends’ Natalie Priest

‘Memories of You’ Molly Gordon

CIF logo colour 2018

International Longlist:

‘Lisboa, Saudade, Luz’ Eduardo Correia Pinto

‘Moody Booty’ Kathrin Kuhnert

‘Brechen’ Ara Jo

‘The Grandson’ Jan Van Gorkum

‘The Blue Helmet’ MJ Kaur

‘Stay With Me’  Hektor Hornsleth

‘The Benefits of Sleep Deprivation’ Anish Golecha

‘Gilles’ Wander Thuenis

‘No War’ Abedin Mohammadi

‘Peace Carpet’ Zibz Arzhang

‘Two Angels’ Ramazi Baronov

‘ Living Like Heta’ Bianca Caderas, Isabella Luu and Kerstin Zemp

‘With My Own Two Hands’ Michael Barocas

‘Thirsty Children’ Rizgar Huseein Ahmed

‘See the Shadows Straighten’ Martin Baptiste

CIF logo colour 2018


UK Shortlist

‘Birds of A Feather’ Dann Parry

‘BERT’  All4OneStudios

‘Wrestling A Dream’ Luke Walters

‘First Kiss’ Ali Ascham

‘The Death of the Author’  Frederica Pacifico



Animation and Film Free Masterclasses

Calling all film and animation people!

Thanks very much to all who have entered the CIF short film / animation competition! The deadline for entries has now passed. Long lists and short lists will be announced soon. We had over 180 International entries and 100 UK entries!

The Awards Ceremony will take place at Camberley Theatre on 21st June 2018. All are very welcome to attend. Prizes will be presented by the BAFTA Award winning actress Juliet Aubrey.

Juliet Aubrey (1)

Juliet Aubrey

The awards will go to:

Best International Entry medal

Best U.K. Entry medal

Tri-County Winner £100 plus Winner’s trophy

2 x Tri-County Runners Up  £50 each plus a runner’s up medal.

(Tri-County means Surrey / Hampshire / Berkshire)

To start things off on the evening of Thursday 21st June from 6pm, we will be hosting free to attend masterclasses and panel discussions with industry experts. These are perfect for anyone considering a future in creative media / animation or film making. Even if you are just curious to see how animations and films are made, please feel free to come along. See below for more details.

Please e mail if you would like to attend the masterclasses or awards ceremony, or both!

For more details on the masterclasses please click here and scroll down



Jason Glenister

At 8pm everyone is invited to attend the ten shortlisted Tri- County competition entries plus the Best UK and the Best International entries. These will be shown in the main auditorium. The Tri-County award winners will then be announced and presented with their trophies by BAFTA Award winning actress and C.I.F. patron, Juliet Aubrey. The theatre bar will be open all evening, so please come along and have a fantastic film filled night! There will also be drinks in the bar after the awards have taken place with plenty of networking opportunities.

Rob Doherty Short Biog 08.02.18.docx

Rob Doherty

Line up for the masterclasses and panel discussions at the film festival on Thursday 21st June #CIFestval18

We are super proud to announce details of the animation and film industry experts who will be holding masterclasses and taking part in the panel discussions at Camberley Theatre on Thursday 21st June. For exact timings please click here.  Please e mail if you would like to attend.





First 2017 Line Up Details!

It gives us very great pleasure to share this film with you, highlighting some of the great events taking place in Camberley from 7th – 17th June this summer!

If you buy tickets to two or more events taking place at Camberley Theatre you get a special C.I.F. discount of £5 per ticket!

Oysterband 8 June copyAll Star Stand Up 16 June copyGraeme of Thrones 13 June copyPsychoacoustic


We’ve also got lots of amazing free events taking place from June 7th – 17th. Check out this flier for the BlackWaters / Annabel Allum / Sophie and the Giants / King Knit gig taking place at the Central Bar on Friday June 9th – it promises to be a wild night!


Camberley International Festival – the film!

After a few re-edits, it’s finally here! A little film with all the festival highlights – from the opening night with Lau at Camberley Theatre, the myriad of activities we had across town on June 4th with the Vienna Festival Ballet in the evening and finally clips from the family picnic on June 11th. If you were there – hopefully this will bring back some happy memories, if you weren’t hopefully this will make you want to be there in 2017!

Enjoy 🙂

And we’re off!

Today sees the start of the first ever Camberley International Festival with the magnificent Lau performing at Camberley Theatre and a sold out showing of ‘Dirty Dancing‘ on the roof of the multi-storey car park, (organised by our friends at Collectively Camberley).

In case you haven’t seen what else is in store over the next ten days, here’s our little promo film….

…and our beautiful little jpegs…

See you soon!