Camberley International Festival – the film!

After a few re-edits, it’s finally here! A little film with all the festival highlights – from the opening night with Lau at Camberley Theatre, the myriad of activities we had across town on June 4th with the Vienna Festival Ballet in the evening¬†and finally clips from the family picnic on June 11th. If you were there – hopefully this will bring back some happy memories, if you weren’t hopefully this will make you want to be there in 2017!

Enjoy ūüôā

Some great live footage..

This just in….some great footage of all the bands who played on June 4th across the pubs of Camberley. Featuring The Electric Woods, The Vinyl Staircase, Sophie and the Giants, The Luxe and Sun Circus. Thanks to Jonny Byczok for the filming and to Kirsty Rourke for the editing.

Saturday? What a day.

So much happened on Saturday Рwhere to start?

At the beginning seems logical, so here goes.

We were treated to two very special acoustic sets from Sophie (minus her Giants) and Sun Circus at lunch time in the café / bar at Camberley Theatre.


Then the fantastic spoken word / poetry skills of Steve Larkin and Paula Varjack blew us away, still in the theatre café.

Steve organises Hammer and Tongue poetry slams, and hosted the first ever Camberley slam on Saturday.

After the¬†poetry – over to The Surrey Arms for the first of the bands playing across Camberley….two bands in fact,¬†playing groovy psychedelic rock, first up, The Electric Woods.

The Electric Woods

Followed by The Vinyl Staircase…featuring twin brothers on guitar and drums.

The Vinyl Staircase

Over the road, through The Mall, out the other side and into the Carpenters Arms, where Sophie had gathered her Giants for an electric version of the songs we heard earlier on via her acoustic guitar at the theatre.

Sophie and the Giants 2

Meanwhile…..outside Glo Hair Salon on Park Street, there was a live #GloUnplugged broadcast by singer / songwriter, Emma Jane Kennedy. This was streamed live via their Facebook page.


Phew. Ok…..finally over to The Bear for the¬†last two bands of the day / night.

First up wonderful three piece, The Luxe. Another band featuring brothers on guitar and drums Рalbeit with shorter hair this time!

The Luxe

Finally, topping and tailing this great day of wonderful local, live music…our friends Sun Circus – this time with their electric guitars. Talking of which, I don’t think so many Telecasters have been seen and heard in Camberley in one day before!

Sun Circus 2

Special thanks for making all of this happen, goes out to Lee Dawson from Camberley Theatre who not only set up and took down¬†all the PA equipment¬†at each gig, but also did a magnificent job doing the sound all day and night. Sterling work Lee! A mention also to The Vinyl Staircase (and the twin’s Mum) who had already packed their¬†gear away when they got an emergency call from the CIF team¬†asking if they could come back and lend their drums to Sophie and the Giants – thanks guys! Finally, Sun Circus whose bass player was at a wedding in Slough. The guitarist from the band drove to Slough, picked up¬†Mr bass man to play the gig at The Bear and then dropped him back¬†at the wedding¬†afterwards! Thanks fellas! One last thank you goes to Jenna Grant and her help in sourcing so many great bands. ūüôā

Thanks so much all of you – and of course everyone who took part. Musicians, poets and audience members. You are all very cool indeed! X

We have some live footage we will be posting soon…watch this space.

The Vienna Festival Ballet also took place on Saturday night at Camberley Theatre….check this website out tomorrow for a run down of that.



What a weekend ahead!

The playback of the rare jazz recording made¬†by the New Jazz Orchestra in¬†Camberley in 1966 went very well last night in the theatre bar. A knowledgeable crowd asked questions¬†of¬†our host, Adam Sieff¬†from Gearbox Records and then listened intently as the crackly recording was played back.¬†Here’s a picture of¬†the one and only vinyl copy of this 50 year old recording. A lovely way to help celebrate the theatre’s 50th anniversary.


What a weekend of wonderful entertainment we have for you…!

Tonight, the Rooftop Cinema series orgnanised by our friends at Collectively Camberley features the Quentin Tarantino classic ‘Pulp Fiction’. This has now SOLD OUT, so ticket holders only please.

Pulp Fiction

Tomorrow night (Sat 4th June) we have the Vienna Festival Ballet performing at the theatre. This is a ticketed event and has very nearly sold out – we would advise you to book your tickets today to avoid disappointment.¬†Don’t forget to use your CIF coupon code to get your ¬£5 ticket discount.

LAU Square 2

During the day tomorrow it’s our adrenaline fuelled free Camberley live music and poetry slam!

Starting off at the theatre with acoustic sets from Sophie and the Giants and Sun Circus from 1pm, followed by the poetry slam hosted by Hammer and Tongue, still at the theatre café between 2 and 4pm.

Then, get ready to bowl around Camberley’s finest pubs, taking in the best of the local live music scene! We’ll see you at The Bear for a well earned lemonade at 8:30 for The Luxe and headline slot from Sun Circus!

Bands 1

Have a great, Camberley International Festival weekend ūüôā


And we’re off!

Today sees the start of the first ever Camberley International Festival with the magnificent Lau performing at Camberley Theatre and a sold out showing of ‘Dirty Dancing‘ on the roof of the multi-storey car park, (organised by our friends at Collectively Camberley).

In case you haven’t seen what else is in store over the next ten days, here’s our little promo film….

…and our beautiful little jpegs…

See you soon!

BBC Radio Berks and Guide2Surrey coverage

With only a couple of weeks to go until the festival kicks off on June 1st, we’ve had some great coverage from the Guide2Surrey people here

Plus there will be an interview with Jo, one of the festival organisers on BBC Radio Berkshire on the Introducing show talking about all the free events taking place on Saturday June 4th. Listen here  from 8pm tomorrow (Saturday 21st May)

One of the bands playing on this live extravaganza are the wonderful Sun Circus from Blackwater. Check out this excellent video and song, ‘Got That Feeling’


Bands 1

LAU Square 2

Free Live Music Across Camberley

A date to write firmly in your diaries is Saturday June 4th. This is going to be one heck of a day, and it’s all free!

Starting at Camberley Theatre café / bar with acoustic music at 1pm and ending up at The Bear with three live bands, you can also take in a poetry slam on the way!

We are encouraging as many people as possible to film these gigs and events¬†on their ‘phones, tweet updates and generally go mad¬†for it on social media using the hashtag ¬†#CamberleyInternationalFestival

We’ll share the best moments on this website when it’s all over. Phew. It’s exciting just writing about it!

Bands 1


Free live music Saturday 4th June

On Saturday June 4th we have LOTS of fabulous free live music taking place throughout Camberley!

Things kick off in the café / bar at Camberley  Theatre when Sophie and the Giants and Sun Circus both play acoustic sets from 1pm, (before the Hammer and Tongue poetry slam).

Then, The Surrey Arms start the full band electric sets at 4:30pm with these guys, Vinyl Staircase


Head over to The Carpenters Arms at 6:30pm for Sophie and The Giants this time playing an electric set plus The Hallucinations.

To finish the evening off, The Bear will be hosting both The Luxe and Sun Circus’s second set of the day – this time electric.

Phew! What an amazing day this is going to be ūüôā